Getting Started

Welcome to our virtual field trip on different topics in oceanography.  During our trip you will be visiting sites to look at different technologies that are used to explore the ocean floor and how some of these have changed over time, at the strengths and weaknesses of different technologies and at Canadian institutions that support scientific research involving the ocean.  Hopefully, along the way you will read some interesting ocean trivia.



At each stop just click on the picture and you will be taken to a web site that will give you the answers to the questions that are with the stop information.  The answers are to be put in your own words on the electronic copy that you are passing in to Ms. Ramsay.  Do not forget to save the file as you go on your own drive.

While on the field trip please remember to stay inside the bus (do not go on any side trips by linking to other sites or clicking where you are not asked to), do not take back any specimens (no cut and paste, when possible answers must be in your own words) and have fun!!